Big Rock Releases New Mixed Pack Featuring Two New Beers


CALGARY, AB - Big Rock Brewery has announced the release of a new variety pack that includes a pair of new beers alongside three old favourites.

The Swinger Pack features 15 cans of 5 summer friendly Big Rock beers – IPA, Grasshopper, SAAZ Republic Pilz, and the new Paradox Dark Light Ale and Purple Gas.

Paradox Dark is a “low alcohol medium bodied dark ale” that is more fully described as follows:

This enigmatic brew is full of flavour, pouring a rich brown-black suggesting black malt and chocolate enhanced with an earthy hop flavour, but low in alcohol at just 3.75%. Paradox is the seemingly impossible union of two opposing forces: the full flavour and body of true dark craft ale with the easy-drinking thirst-quenching nature of light beer.

Purple Gas is a 5.2% wheat-based fruit ale that has the following description:

A testament to the combination of imagination and perfectionism, Purple Gas is a perfectly balanced, refreshing fruit beer. This summery brew harmoniously merges satisfying wheat ale with tart, fruity Saskatoon berries and is finished with a touch of blue agave nectar.

The Big Rock Swinger Pack is officially released today, and will be available in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba until September.

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