Alley Kat Fireside Mild Ale

alleykat_logoEDMONTON, ABAlley Kat Brewing has announced the upcoming release of its Winter 2009 seasonal, Fireside Mild Ale:

Description:  Fireside Mild Ale is a salute to the excesses of the Holiday Season. It contains 65% of the calories, 50% of the carbs, and 100% of the flavour of our regular brews, making it a great beer to drink while contemplating broken New Year’s resolutions. Mild ale is a traditional British style of beer that is moderately dark in colour, light in alcohol, and generally considered a “session beer”, i.e. a beer to be enjoyed in quantity with friends. We’ve brewed our Fireside Mild with premium British Golden Promise two-row malt and Goldings hops to keep it as authentic as possible.

Appearance: Medium brown with a creamy off-white head.

Aroma: Caramel, toasted grains, and slightly nutty chocolate.

Flavour: Mild caramel malt with notes of dark chocolate; somewhat sweet, biscuity malt follows with a light drying finish. Well balanced floral hop flavour and moderate bitterness compliments.

Beer Geek Info
Original Gravity: 8.4° Plato
Final Gravity: 1.8° Plato
Alcohol: 3.5% by volume
Colour: ±14° Lovibond
Carbonation: 2.5 volumes

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