Steelback Brewery Receives Government Grant

steelback_logoTIVERTON, ONSteelback Brewery will be receiving $145,000 as part of the Ontario Craft Brewers Opportunity Fund, a four year, $8,000,000 plan announced by the Government of Ontario last September to provide additional support for small brewers who produce less than 300,000 hectoliters of beer each year.

Steelback CEO Ian Macdonald says the funding will be used for equipment upgrades and future planning.

[Thanks to Troy Burtch for the news tip.]

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  1. Although Steelback Brewery may technically qualify for this grant, it could be considered inappropriate given that the owner’s billionaire father is one of the wealthiest people in Canada. It’s puzzling why the Ontario government would need to support this brewery (which was purchased out of bankruptcy court protection for $8 million by a privately-funded holding company).