NB Liquor To Offer Private Label Beer

nbliquor_logoFREDRICTON, NB – The CBC reports that the  New Brunswick Liquor Corporation plans to start selling two private label brands of beer this spring in an attempt to stem the flow of New Brunwick consumers to Quebec where beer is cheaper and widely available in groceries and corner stores. This follows a report earlier this week stating that NB Liquor lost approximately $12 million in sales last year due to cross-border shopping for beer and other alcohol.

NB Liquor spokeswoman Nora Lacey told the CBC that the agency will “guarantee that (a) 12-pack of cans will be available at the lowest possible price, $18.67,” referring to the current floor price for beer in New Brunswick. This price is still much higher than in Quebec, however, where mainstream brands often sell for as low as $10.82 for 12 cans before taxes and deposit.

The beer will be brewed in New Brunswick, but the brewery making the beer and more information about the two brands will not be announced until they are made available in the spring.

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