Half Pints St. James Pale Ale

halfpints_logoWINNIPEG, MBHalf Pints Brewing have announced the release of their newest beer, St. James Pale Ale, which is being brewed especially for draught accounts in Winnipeg and area.

Here is how owner and brewmaster David Rudge describes the beer in a post on his blog:

This brew is gold in colour with a tight white head. The aroma is of sweet grain, while the body has a toasted honey character from the melanoidin malt we add. There’s an herbal hoppy nose from the Mount Hood hop (a Hallertau variety grown in the NW United States) and a fruity finish from a cool ale fermentation.

Stylistically speaking, this beer straddles the guidelines between a German Helles (a soft, grainy lager) and Kolsch (a lagered ale). It is an ale, but with a refined, almost lager-like finish from the cool fermentation.

One thought on “Half Pints St. James Pale Ale

  1. this beer is excellent! I am just trying it for the first time in bottle out of their holiday sampler pack. The beer immediately reminded me of the Kolsch style I tried while visiting Koln Germany. Brings back great memories!

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