Granite Brewery Moving Halifax Location

granite_logoHALIFAX, NS – The Halifax location of the Granite Brewery closed today (Feb 22nd) and will be moving to a new facility in the north end of the city. Also closing is Ginger’s Tavern, the Barrington Street bar where the brewery was located.

The Granite will continue supplying beer to The Henry House (where the brewery had previously been located) and other area pubs, and owner Kevin Keefe will also be continuing work on an additional Granite location at Mill Island in Windsor, NS.

The Toronto location of the Granite is unaffected by these changes.

[sources: Beer Advocate & Great Canadian Pubs and Beer]

UPDATE: Shop Talk, a small business news blog on the website for weekly Halifax paper The Coast, has posted a story on the closure/move with further details and an interview with Kevin Keefe.

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