Triple Island Brewing Company

tripleisland_logoPRINCE RUPERT, BC – BC Beer Blog reports that the town of Prince Rupert will be getting their first brewpub later this year when Rod Daigle opens his Triple Island Brewing Company:

Daigle and his two business partners decided on a brewpub designed around a twin 38-litre Sabco Brew-Magic systems. It may take some time to convert the residents over to full-flavoured ales with character, so it seems sensible to start out modestly. There should be a growth plan in place in case business expands rapidly, but it’s not like there will be a lot of competition up there.

Daigle plans to launch with two beers – a blond ale and probably something hoppier. Several styles will follow; hopefully, he’ll introduce cask-conditioned ale at some point too. The pub menu will be beer-driven with the intention of having suitably paired appetizers, entrées, and desserts. The brewpub décor will emphasize the historical aspect of brewing and pay tribute to North American craft brewers.

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