Beau's Van Kleeck Ale

beaus_logoVANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing will soon be releasing their new spring seasonal beer, Beau’s Van Kleeck Ale. Here’s the description as posted to the OCB website:

A Strong IPA, loyal to the crown. This is our hoppiest beer, made with a decidedly British flavour profile, and named after the founder of our village, a noted Loyalist. Incredibly bitter while still in balance, expect this beer to kick you in the teeth on the way down. Like all our beer, the Van Kleeck Ale is made with certified organic malts and local spring water.

In a recent post on the Bar Towel discussion forum, Steve Beauchesne of Beau’s notes that now that they intend to brew a batch every three weeks throughout the spring in order to keep it available until the Summer Solstice, at which point it will be replaced with another seasonal beer.

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