Half Pints Burly Wine Now in Alberta

halfpints_logoWINNIPEG, MBHalf Pints Brewery have shipped some of their Burly Wine to Alberta. Here’s the scoop direct from the brewery:

Our Burlywine is now available in Alberta for a limited time. There are/were 50 x 24’s (341ml. bottles) available. Willow Park and Sherbrooke have their stock already. FYI, the 2008 wax colour is green, the 2007’s are red – there are a few cases out there with a surprise 2007 bottle and it’s just hitting its stride. Readers should check out Ratebeer if they’re nervous about shelling out for one of the top 50 beers in Canada (for 08 + 09). The BeerAdvocate reviews aren’t too shabby either.

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