Moosehead Cracked Canoe

moosehead_logoST. JOHN, NBMoosehead Breweries are launching their first new national brand since taking Moosehead Lager coast-to-coast almost two decades ago. Cracked Canoe is a new light lager (3.5% abv, less than 100 calories) aimed at an older demographic.

The New Brunswick Business Journal quotes brewery spokesperson Joel Levesque as saying “research showed that there was a segment of the beer-consuming market, the older, more mature consumers, that were looking for something different, something lighter in taste, lighter in calories and lighter in alcoholic volume.”

Levesque also notes that “(largely) no one else is in this market segment; there are some premium import brands that are in this area, but ours will be priced considerably lower.”

Cracked Canoe will be officially launched later today with a press conference at Canoe Restaurant & Bar in Toronto, and will be rolled out to stores all accross Canada (except Quebec) by May 1st.

4 thoughts on “Moosehead Cracked Canoe

  1. Yes it may be a light beer but that does not tell you what the carbs are- which is just as important. Sleeman’s is 90 calories but only 2.5 carbs.

  2. Decent taste for 3.5%. A perfect alcoholic beverage when you need to safely operate something with a motor in it.

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