Alley Kat Summer Ale

alleykat_logoEDMONTON, ABAlley Kat Brewing have released their latest seasonal beer, Summer Ale. Here are the details from the press release:

Alley Kat’s Summer Ale is broadly based on saison, a French style beer traditionally brewed in the autumn and winter months and typically consumed in during early summer. While saisons do not ordinarily contain fruit or spices, Alley Kat was inspired to infuse grapefruits, oranges, and black peppercorns to give its version an unexpected zing.

Last brewed in 2006, Summer Ale is an enticing brew with invigorating citrus flavors and malty undertones. A hint of spiciness and an unexpected dry peppery aftertaste add interest to this refreshing summer beer.

Alley Kat’s latest Seasonal brew, Summer Ale, is sold in six-packs of 341mL bottles at premium liquor stores throughout Alberta.

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