Phillips Double Dragon and Double Barrel Scotch Ale

phillips_logoVICTORIA, BCPhillips Brewing have two new limited edition seasonal releases available now. Details from their website news feed:

Double Dragon: Big enough to slay the strongest thirst, this is the long awaited second release of our bold Imperial Red Ale. After making its first appearance last spring to rave reviews, it’s a sure sign the season is changing. Majestic malt battles with honourable hops for the affection of your taste buds. With a whopping 8.2% alcohol, this fiery ale bites back.We’ll admit it, we get bored fairly easily.

Double Barrel Scotch Ale: We wanted to make a new beer and found a more expensive way to do it. We all got pretty jazzed about putting a Scotch ale into some barrels, but the question remained, what kind? The overwhelming choice was bourbon, but red wine was also on the table. Why not both? The result is a beer that you notice when you drink it – your senses get smacked with great bourbon aroma which is complimented by a slightly smoky peat flavour and rich vanilla tones. Keep your eye on the prize and pull the trigger.

Both beers are available now at the brewery store and in select private liqour retailers in British Columbia.

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