Molson Reducing Beer Allotment For Retirees

molson_logoVarious media outlets, including the Toronto Star, are reporting that Molson will be reducing the allocation of complimentary beer to retired employees in order to “standardize” the practice across the country.

Currently, retired workers in Newfoundland receive 72 dozen bottles a year, the same amount that they received while working for the company. According to the Star, that amount will drop to 12 dozen as of January 1st, 2010, and will be reduced again to nothing in five years time. Similar reductions are planned in other provinces, where retirees have been receiving different amounts.

In addition, allotments for current workers at the St. John’s plant will drop from 72 dozen bottles to 52 dozen bottles a year. Similar cuts seem to be happening at other plants across the country, but the Star story offers no specific details. Unions in Montreal and Vancouver have launched grievances.

“This was a decision made by management after reviewing a number of cost-cutting measures,” said Molson vice-president Ferg Devins to the Star. “We strongly feel the benefits package for our employees and retirees is still very generous.”

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