CBN's Sibling Sites

I just wanted to give a quick mention to three other websites that I’m involved in publishing, and which may be of interest to readers of Canadian Beer News:

  • Taste T.O. is a website that my wife, Sheryl Kirby, and I have been running since early 2007. Its fairly self-explanatory tagline is “Food & Drink in Toronto”, and it features restaurant reviews, local food news, shop profiles and lots more. Along with various event and news round-up posts that I compile for the site, I also have a regular Tuesday slot that focuses on beer, alternating between beer reviews and pub profiles, with an occasional event recap as well.
  • Beer & Butter Tarts is a new site launched by Sheryl and I just this past week, where we’ll be expanding beyond Toronto to look at food and drink all across Canada. I’ll be posting beer reviews there on a semi-regular basis under the column title “Stubbies & Longnecks”, as well as weekly headline round-ups of the posts here on CBN.
  • Beer Beats & Bites is my personal blog that I don’t post to as often as I’d like. But when I do, it mainly features stuff about beer (reviews, etc.), and occasionally bits about other drinks, food and (very rarely) music.
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