Plan B Brewery Opens in Smithers

planb_logoSMITHERS, BCB.C. Beer Blog reports that the province’s newest craft brewery, Plan B Brewing, is soon to open its doors in Smithers, a small town in the north-western area of the province:

Plan B just received their manufacturing license and approval from Northern Health. The first batch of beer was supposed to have been brewed this weekend. However, unless you live in Smithers, you are unlikely to get this beer any time soon. (Mark) Gillis and (Glen) Ingram are keeping things small to begin with, producing only enough to supply area residents. There will be two staple beers and another one or two that will rotate through different styles.

The post also notes that the brewery has already received a lot of support from the local community, with some residents even planning on growing hops for use in their future brews.

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