Mission Springs Brewing Wins Label Award

missionsprings_bombshellaleMISSION, BCMission Springs Brewery Company have won a national beer label design award for their Blonde Bombshell Ale.

Announced by the Collectors of Canadian Brewery Advertising at their 30th annual convention in Winnipeg, the award recognizes the retro-styled label as the Label of the Year for 2008.

Designed by Ron Fiedler of Barnstorm Creative Group in Vancouver, the Blonde Bombshell label is an homage to the classic pin-up images that were painted on bomber jets in World War II.

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  1. There were no bomber jets in World War II. The first combat operational jets were the German fighters, Me-163 and Me-262.

  2. Sorry – not being an airplane buff, I tend to use “jet” and “plane” interchangeably.

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