Molson-Coors Insults Toronto, Apologizes


The Toronto Star reported today that multinational brewing corporation Molson-Coors are advertising their Coors Light brand in British Columbia with billboards stating that the beer is “Colder Than Most People From Toronto”.

Response to the advertisement was mixed according to the Star, with some finding it humourous, and others finding it insulting.

Molson-Coors spokesperson Adam Moffat told the Star that the company had received complaints “from one or two people”, and that “we’ve told consumers (that) we’re sorry and apologetic if we’ve offended anyone.”

Subsequent to the story breaking amidst increasing negative commentary, Moffat posted the following to his Twitter account:

TORONTO: Coors Light sincerely apologies to ANYONE who was offended by our Colder Than billboards in BC. We are removing ASAP

This message was also posted by other Molson reps on Twitter, including Tonia Hammer and Ferg Devins. It’s unclear if there will be a wider announcement of the removal in the form of an official press release or statement.

4 thoughts on “Molson-Coors Insults Toronto, Apologizes

  1. I’m from Toronto, and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. The billboard is witty, it stands out, and it’s a great buy for this campaign. People are too sensitive.

  2. I’m also from Ontario, living in BC. they don’t bug me at all but they seem to get alot of news coverage beacuse of it, makes you think they did it on purpose

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