Sales Dropping for NB Liquor Selection Beers

selection_lagerFREDERICTON, NBThe CBC reports that sales have been on a steady decline for Selection Lager and Selection Light, the two private label beers brewed by Moosehead for the government owned NB Liquor chain.

After combined sales of 26,677 12-can cases of the brands in the 19 days of March that they were available, sales dipped just over 18,000 cases in April and May, and continued to decline throughout the summer, slumping to only 10,500 cases in August.

Most notably, only 4 cases of the brands were sold on Labour Day in three of the six NB Liquor outlets that were open for the holiday.

Despite the relatively poor showing for the two discount brands, which the government agency launched in an effort to stem the tide of New Brunswickers driving to Quebec for cheaper beer, NB Liquor spokesperson Nora Lacey tells the CBC that they consider the brands a success, and will continue to market them for the foreseeable future.

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