Hastings County Building a Brewery Business Case

hastingscountyBELLEVILLE, ON – Andrew Redden, the Economic Development Manager for Hastings County, contacted CBN recently to let us know about a unique beer-related project his office is undertaking. With the help of a half-dozen commerce students from Queen’s University, Redden and his team are drafting a business case for establishing a micro-brewery in Hastings County.

More details were given in an article that ran in the Belleville Intelligencer this week:

Redden said the industry is growing in Ontario and there are a couple of area farmers already growing hops, one of whom has experimented with his own brews.

He has also seen a little interest from some other people in the micro-brewing idea.

“The big thing is having a business case,” Redden said.

The students, who will be doing the work as part of their fourth year commerce program, will conduct research and gather information that can be presented to potential investors. Redden said he has already identified a number of potential sites for micro-breweries and such businesses could fit well with main street and downtown revitalization strategies in some municipalities.

For more details, click through to the original article.

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