HogsBack Brewing Company Coming in 2010

OTTAWA, ONHogsBack Brewing Company is a new Ottawa-based brewery in the start-up phase, with plans to have a European-style lager available in the Capital Region by March, 2010.

The yet to be named beer will initially be brewed at an established brewery on a contract basis, but HogsBack is aiming to have their own facility operating and producing beer by the summer of 2011.

8 thoughts on “HogsBack Brewing Company Coming in 2010

  1. there’s a Hogs Back Brewery in Surry, England already…making traditional English ales….

  2. It will be nice to have a local product on the beer menu. I’m excited to give it a try!

  3. Nicole – Just making sure you know there are already a couple of local breweries – Heritage and Beau’s (technically in Vankleek Hill). Beau’s is available in lots of places. Heritage less so. Both are available in the LCBO.

    Heritage makes a couple interesting beers (from their Scotch Irish label) but they often have production issues. Beau’s is a pretty boring beer (but their IPA seasonal was good).

    Adding another European lager isn’t really an improvement. We already have lots of those (local and otherwise). We need breweries that will take chances and brew more interesting styles.

  4. Agree Larry and Dan just a heads up that the original Hog’s Back Brewery TEA(the English Ale) is in bond and should soon be available at the LCBO. Would like to see some local brews with lots of hops and distinct flavours

  5. I hear this product might be available at Liam’s in the east end. It is great Nichole to see another business start up. Hope everybody gives it a try.

  6. Just had some Hogsback beer last night!!
    AMAZING tasting beer! This is a very welcomed change from all the big brewery garbage they serve in restaurants around here!!

    I also had one called Kichessipi lager. that was the best beer I had in a long time! Wonderful Hop aromas! well balanced brew!

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