Rickards Dark and Molson M Coming Soon

molson_logoMONTREAL, QCMolson Coors Canada has two new products set to be launched soon.

The first is Rickard’s Dark, a new addition to the Rickard’s family of beers. Described as being “brewed in the style of English porters (with) just a hint of pure Quebec maple syrup”, Rickard’s Dark will be available later this month in 6 and 12 packs in Quebec and the Maritimes, and as part of Rickard’s Taster’s packs in the rest of Canada

The other new brand is Molson M, “The First MicrocarbonatedTM Lager”, which will be available in Quebec starting on November 16th. A teaser site for Molson M is online now at molsonm.com.

2 thoughts on “Rickards Dark and Molson M Coming Soon

  1. I went to my local NSLC today hoping to get Rickard’s Dark, but that came was a teaser display next to the other Rickard’s brands, mocking me. So I picked up a taster’s pack instead and got the free mug promotion they’ve got going on. I have no clue as to what “microcarbonated” is supposed to mean… hopefully it doesn’t mean “tastes just like regular Molson, but with a new bottle”.

  2. mmm… microcarbonated, I’m already licking my lips. And I dare you to check out their Molson M website – it’s DROOLWORTHY!!!

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