Creemore Springs Brewery to Acquire Granville Island Brewing

creemore_logoCREEMORE, ON & VANCOUVER, BC – It was announced this afternoon that two of Canada’s oldest craft breweries will be joining forces, as Creemore Springs Brewery (a subsidiary of Molson Coors Canada since 2005) plans to acquire Granville Island Brewing from Andrew Peller Limited.

The full press release follows below:

granvilleisland_logoVANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – Oct. 19, 2009) – Granville Island Brewing and Ontario-based Creemore Springs Brewery will be joining forces, to continue bringing Canadians superior craft and specialty beers.

Creemore announced today its intention to acquire Granville Island Brewing from Andrew Peller Limited. These two leading Canadian craft brewers, each with specialty product portfolios that complement existing offerings across Canada, will be able to offer their wide range of brands to more markets in Canada, while continuing to maintain their distinct positions in BC and Ontario.

Celebrating its 25 year anniversary, Granville Island Brewing has built a strong reputation as a brewer with super-premium and select small batch beers. Granville Island Brewing is a natural addition to Creemore, which has demonstrated leadership in its home market of Ontario as a leader in craft brewing for since August 1987.

“The Granville Island Brewing brand portfolio compliments Creemore’s portfolio and will strongly position us for growth in the craft and specialty segment, providing beer drinkers an enviable selection of the finest craft beers,” said Jason Moore, President and CEO, Creemore Springs Brewery. “Granville Island Brewing brands, when added to our Creemore Springs brand portfolio, will bring a wider range of selection in taste and profile for discerning beer drinkers. Creemore’s intention is for Granville Island Brewing to continue operating as a distinct organization benefiting from its own people, knowledge, recipes and marketing methods, in much the same way that Creemore operates in Ontario,” added Moore.

The Granville Island Brewing brand image and brewing operations will remain unchanged, with this announcement. The acquisition presents Creemore with a strong potential to enhance product sales, and expand to new markets. Creemore will work with the organization to evaluate expansion opportunities to other parts of Canada, as well as increasing Granville Island Brewing’s awareness through increased investment in marketing, which will remain truthful to the brand identity.

“Creemore understands and appreciates what is special about the Granville Island Brewing brands, much like their Creemore brands in Ontario,” Moore added. “These brands are true authentic craft beers, and with 25 years in the market delighting consumers with a West Coast affinity and award winning quality, Granville Island Brewing is a clearly tremendous asset and we welcome it to the Creemore family.”

“We’re pleased to be joining forces with another of the great craft brewers in Canada,” said Walter Cosman, Director of Marketing and Sales for Granville Island Brewing. “Creemore is committed to keeping the unique formula that has made Granville Island Brewing what it is today – finest quality ingredients, unpasteurized product, dedicated people and brewed locally in British Columbia, while leveraging their abilities to enable more and more people to enjoy our west coast inspired craft brews.”

About Granville Island Brewing (GIB)

Established is 1984, Granville Island Brewing (GIB) is Canada’s first microbrewery offering a variety of award-winning beers which are brewed and sold here in BC. GIB is dedicated to handcrafting only the finest premium beers that are 100 per cent all-natural and brewed in small batches to provide consumers with the ultimate tasting experience. In celebration of their West Coast heritage GIB names each beer after iconic Vancouver locations that embody the local lifestyle. From the original Island Lager and English Bay Pale Ale, to Cypress Honey Lager, and now their latest innovation; Brockton IPA, GIB continues to produce a diverse portfolio of beers inspired by life on the West Coast. For more information, visit

About Creemore Springs Brewery

Creemore was established in 1987. Its direct fire brewing process uses only pure spring water, from the Creemore Springs, the finest malt barley, imported hops and select yeast to make its unique amber lager. Each batch is crafted by a team dedicated to producing the perfect beer. Creemore employs approximately 75 people in Ontario and its craft brews enjoy a great reputation among beer connoisseurs. Creemore is part of Molson Coors Canada.

9 thoughts on “Creemore Springs Brewery to Acquire Granville Island Brewing

  1. Whether or not Creemore beer has changed since the takeover is a matter of opinion, I guess. Personally, I’ve found no marked difference in their beer, and the Kellerbier they released this past summer was one of the best lagers I’ve ever had from a Canadian brewery.

    Also, from all accounts, Molson has taken a very hands-off approach to Creemore, similar to the way that Sleeman basically left Unibroue alone. The beer is still brewed in the same place on the same equipment by the same people.

    My gut feeling is that there’s probably little or nothing to worry about with this GIB takeover. It’s not like they’re some tiny indie brewery anyway, Peller has owned them for years. If it were Labatt/InBev, I’d be worried, but I suspect Creemore/Molson will just let it be business as usual.

  2. I haven’t gotten a lot of chances to drink Creemore since moving out west but i do enjoy Grandville alot so i’m hoping that Molson doesn’t mess around with they to much.

    I hope to see out of this is that maybe i might get my hands on some creemore out west and that when i visit back east i could find some grandville

  3. I can’t say I am overly excited by this, but at the same time rather them be owned by brewers rather than vintors. As long as Vern is allowed to make his limited release beers in his smaller brew system then I will be okay. Otherwise GIB is off my list of brews I’ll happily consume.

  4. No more Granville for me. This just puts more money in Molson pockets so they can afford more SWAG to bribe pubs/restaurants to use their taps instead of those of hard working ‘craft brewers’ with limited budgets.

  5. Sirs/Madam,
    I am looking to find out if you have this beer for sale in my area, or if I can purchase it and have it shipped to me. I am looking specifically for the Granville Island Maple Cream Pale Ale. You have a fan of your product who has recommended it to me and I am trying to procure it to sample. Thank you for your assistance.

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