Labatt's Rebrands Keith's Stout as Dark Ale

keiths_darkaleHALIFAX, NSLabatt Breweries have rebranded their Alexander Keith’s Stags Head Stout as Alexander Keith’s Dark Ale. According to a promotional statement, “the new dark ale name better reflects the beer’s unique character.”

This may be a veiled response to criticisms leveled against the beer when it was first launched earlier this year which noted that it was not especially stout-like in appearance or flavour. It’s also been speculated that this is a strategic move to compete more directly against Rickard’s Dark Ale which has just been launched by Molson-Coors Canada.

Along with the new name, Labatt has made the previously draught-only beer available in 473 ml cans at the LCBO in Ontario. Details on retail availability in other provinces have not been announced.

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