Beau's Tommy Gun APA

beaus_logoVANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s Brewery in collaboration with the Beer Shack homebrewers club have released Tommy Gun APA (American-Style Pale Ale) as their latest seasonal offering.

Launched this past weekend at the Cask Days festival at Volo in Toronto, Tommy Gun – which is sub-titled “CABA CABA Hey!” in honour of both the Canadian Amateur Brewers Association and The Ramones – was developed by Ed Koren & Louis DeBourbon of Beer Shack, and brewed by them along with Beau’s brewmaster Matt O’Hara, using 5 organic malts and 2 varieties of organic American hops.

Tommy Gun is available now at the brewery and at select bars and restaurants in the area.

Beau’s also has some plans for the future, including expanded distribution, and a new unique package for their flagship Lugtread Lagered Ale. More details on these plans will be announced here as they’re revealed.

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