Hop City Brewing Debuts With Barking Squirrel Lager

hopcity_logoBRAMPTON, ONHop City Brewing, a new division of Moosehead Breweries, was quietly launched early last month with the release of their first beer, Barking Squirrel Lager.

While owned by Moosehead, Hop City is being operated as a separate entity, although brewing is taking place in the Brampton facility where the operations of Moosehead-owned Niagara Falls Brewing moved a couple of years ago.

Tasting notes on Barking Squirrel Lager provided by the brewery:

A 5% lager with a rich burnt orange color with subtle noble hop aroma. Medium body with pleasant hop bitterness. Smooth and drinkable with slight hop aftertaste and finish.

Barking Squirrel is available now at a number of bars throughout Ontario.

14 thoughts on “Hop City Brewing Debuts With Barking Squirrel Lager

  1. Ugh. Looks like the Hop City website isn’t online yet (I just cut & paste the URL from the press release, didn’t test it.)

    The Moosehead one is my fault, though – got an extra character in there. Will fix it now.

  2. I tried this beer out last night and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It tastes like it probably has burnt squirrels in it. It is extremely hoppy and leaves an incredibly bitter after taste with a hint of cough syrup.

  3. Who cares about links and all that cyber-poop.Barking Squirrel is a damned good beer. On Tap at the Kilt and Clover, Port Dalhousie.

  4. I had Barking Squirrel recently and it is amazing! Great taste and really smooth….. can’t wait for this to hit more bars around the city.

  5. Just tried the brew – love it! Taste can be compared to a Creemore or Sam Adams. Smooth and drinkable with just enough hoppiness.

  6. I enjoyed the Barking Squirrel. However, I was expecting it to be more hoppy, based on the “Hop City” brand. More hops than a mainstream beer, but far less than many beers claiming to be hoppy.

    Nice beer.

  7. Wow, BeerBitch, you really are, aren’t you?

    Just had this yesterday, and wow, what an amazing beer! I just wish it were available in the States. :P Good thing I’m moving up here to Ontario, then!

  8. this beer is amazing, fucking beer store doesnt have it yet. OMG! FUCKING GOVERNMENT!~

  9. Yeow fed up. The brewries own the beer store not the government. They also have their own rules on what gets listed and what doesn’t. It should only take one barking squirrel tol see more clearly. It will probably be the 8th.

  10. Barking Squirrel!!!! Who the hell ever thought of that name for a beer????? I had it for the first time yesterday at a local Legion. Great beer with pleasant hop taste. Smooth and easy drinking. Would recommend it to anyone who likes to try a slightly different beer. I think I will be going to the Legion more now. Hope its in The Beer Store real soon. Come on Moosehead lets get it in now!!!

  11. Bought my first can yesterday and it was amazing! Rarely feel the need to write any reviews or commentary, but this beer deserves it!

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