Halifax Microbrew Fest & Conference 2010

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HALIFAX, NS – East Coast Event Management announced today that it will launch the Halifax Microbrew Fest & Conference on October 22 through 23, 2010 at Halifax’s World Trade & convention Centre. The show will bring together craft breweries, home brewers, industry experts, and beer lovers who tilt their mug in support of the Canadian craft brewery industry!

The Halifax Microbrew Fest & Craft Brewery Conference will take place on October 22 through 23, 2010, at the Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre. The Halifax Microbrew Fest and Craft Brewery Conference is the first to celebrate, and showcase the craft breweries and brewpubs of Canada. This two-day event includes a showcase of different beers brought in from around the country. Attendees are encouraged to sample, learn, and participate in seminars led by key figures in the beer industry. Events taking place during the show include local bands, the chance to win prizes through beer games, contests and interactive ways to learn about the brewing process and craft brewery industry.

Introducing a conference and festival specific to craft breweries, is a relatively concept new to Canada. Craft breweries are flourishing in Canada, especially along the East and West Coasts, Quebec, and Ontario. The market for beer and beer consumption in Canada is growing at a constant rate. More than 2 billion litres of domestic beer is consumed in Canada every year; we collectively spend more than $11 billion on beer consumption per year. However, due to Canada’s geography, and the fact that the production and sale of alcohol is something that is controlled at the provincial level, often these great craft brewed beers are only available in the regions they are produced. The Halifax Microbrew Fest is hoping to change this, and expand the industry throughout the East Coast and Canada.

There are over 150 craft breweries and brewpubs in Canada, mostly based in the West, Ontario, and Quebec. East Coast Event Management strives to increase awareness and knowledge to the East Coast regarding the Canadian craft brewery industry. This show aims to provide an exceptional opportunity that brings together craft breweries, brewpubs, key industry personnel, and their target market.

An anticipated 80 different vendors will be on hand to showcase their latest brews. Microbreweries wishing to exhibit can take advantage of the early bird discount rate. Vendors will consist of microbreweries and other vendors that will benefit from the anticipated 6,000 attendees.

Exhibitors will also benefit by the Craft Brewery Conference. This part of the event will provide networking opportunities between exhibitors and buyers to develop profitable business relationships, and promote affordable brewing education to improve beer quality and performance. Local and international media, Canadian craft breweries and brewpubs, and home brewers will be invited to attend the Conference. “This is an excellent opportunity to meet industry buyers, network with peers and talk to media”. It will bring everyone together under one roof” says Alexandra Baker.

East Coast Event Management was established in Halifax Nova Scotia, by two Dalhousie University students interested in the craft brewery industry- Arielle Figov (Bachelor of Commerce), and Alexandra Baker (Bachelor of Management). East Coast Event Management targets unique niche markets. The goal of the company is to offer exhibitors an excellent return on their investment, and to provide attendees with an informative and enjoyable experience.

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  1. Have you heard anything more on this Greg? I’ve been trying to get in touch with the organizers but haven’t had much luck.

  2. Bobby – no, I haven’t heard anything aside from the initial press release. I got it late last week, with a request that I post it on Monday as the website would be going live that day. I did so, but there’s no sign of the website yet. Not a promising introduction…

  3. My name is Ali Baker, the Show Manager. We have been having troubles with our website, however it should be launched to the public November 25th.

    Apologizes for the premature press release, we are actively working on fixing the problem.

    Please contact me at baker_ali@hotmail.com until our technical difficulties become resolved and please keep an optimistic eye open for this exciting event!

    Thank you for your patience,

    Ali Baker
    Show Manager

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