Kohler Brewing To Launch This Spring

EDMONTON, ABKohler Brewing is a new operation set to launch in Edmonton this spring.

The company recently held a tasting featuring three different lagers crafted by brewmaster Eric Buehner, and based on public input, they will be selecting one of the three to be their flagship Kohler Lager. The beer will be brewed under contract at to-be-determined brewery, with an aim to distribute it in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Reports from the tasting suggest that Kohler is going for a mainstream Canadian lager for their first brand. No word on whether they plan to expand into further beers, or if they will be looking to open their own brewery in the future.

(source: On Tap blog)

6 thoughts on “Kohler Brewing To Launch This Spring

  1. Great so this company does not have a brewery, but thinks because it owns a TV Station that nobody watches they can grab a mainstream beer, put on a different label but still the same beer as others on the market and sell at a premium.
    Good luck with that.

  2. They must have a very low opinion of what the average Alberta beer drinker values.

  3. What a joke, i treid it was horrible beer! Edmonton based my butt, this is a contract brew… Bad Beer, Bad TV = Bad Company… Go back to hunting moose!

  4. You people are crazy,I tried this lager for the first time because I was sick and tired of the same ol brew,this stuff rocks! I will be buying a lot more of this lager and telling my friends about it.the bad reviews I read spell I’m cheap!!!!!!! why don’t you appreciate good stuff I say or you just don’t know what beer is all about. I guess the Germans don’t know what they are doing which want me to drive my BMW one more time ha ha thanks guys at kohler, keep up the good work,love it,Andy.

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