Hockley Valley Black & Tan

ORANGEVILLE, ONHockley Valley Brewing are preparing their newest beer, Hockley Black & Tan, for release later this winter.

A blend of Hockley Stout as the “Black” and a newly created ale serving as the “Tan”, Hockley Black & Tan is described as “dark mahogany in colour, with notes of coffee, smoke and chocolate and hints of sweet grainy malt yet finishes crisp, light and dry.”

As with other Hockley Valley beers, the Black & Tan will be available in cans via the LCBO and at the brewery.

One thought on “Hockley Valley Black & Tan

  1. I’m having one right now, just arrived at the beer store today (Calgary). Thought I was having a brown ale in England at first sip. Very nice beer, going back for more.

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