Granville Island Chocolate Stout

VANCOUVER, BCGranville Island Brewery is about to release Granville Island Chocolate Stout, a new seasonal release brewed using chocolate from Rogers’ Chocolates, one of Canada’s oldest chocolate makers:

Our Chocolate Stout is rich and warming. A perfect complement to Vancouver’s cold winter nights. It is brewed with 4 different malts. Hops from the Pacific Northwest and organic, fairtrade chocolate from Rogers’ Chocolates. This beer’s dark chocolate colouring and aromas of roast malt, cocoa and coffee flavours are accompanied by dried fruit and a mellow bitterness.

Granville Island Chocolate Stout will be available in select LDB stores and in the Granville Island retail store.

One thought on “Granville Island Chocolate Stout

  1. I am wondering if the Chocolate used was Cacao powder and if so was it Dutched or Natural?

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