Bear Republic Sues Central City Over Red Racer

SURREY, reports that Bear Republic Brewery of Healdsburg, California has filed a lawsuit against Central City Brewing of Surrey, BC, alleging that Central City’s Red Racer brand constitutes trademark infringement on their Racer 5 IPA and Red Rocket Ale brands:

In the lawsuit […] Bear Republic says that at this year’s [Great American Beer Festival], a representative was approached by two different people asking about its Red Racer beer in cans. Bear Republic also points to an article penned by Massachusetts-based beer columnist, Norman Miller, in which he repeatedly confuses the Red Racer and Red Rocket names. […] The lawsuit was filed in late January with a Massachusetts court, a state where Central City and Bear Republic products are both available.

The lawsuit also notes that it was an (unnamed) Ohio brewery owner that phoned Bear Republic, mentioning the similarities between the two breweries’ marks as well as “the similarities of words, fonts and colors” used between them, that first made the brewery aware of Central City Red Racer products.

Bear Republic reportedly filed a cease and desist order in mid-December, which Central City rejected in early January, leading to this lawsuit. It remains to be seen if Central City will fight these claims in court, or it a settlement will be negotiated.

5 thoughts on “Bear Republic Sues Central City Over Red Racer

  1. Insane. It’s bad enough when big macro breweries try this shit to bully smaller breweries. So what if a few people got confused? What next? Bear Republic sues everyone that uses a bear on their label, just in case?

  2. Bear republic is behaving very badly. Red Racer are a small BC brewer, and have a great brand that in no way could be confused with Bear Republic’s IPA. I stock both brands in the 2 stores where I work and no one has ever confused the two. I would consider delisting Bear Republic (It’s not just my decision) for their outragous law suit. Craft brewers should be supporting each other not behaving like bullies

  3. funny thing is that the Central City Store carries the Racer 5 IPA from Bear republic. at least they did before…

  4. Yeah! what they said! i love the Red Racer logo & am going out today to find it!
    if i did see the bear republic 1 would prob. not purchase it cuz they are
    (needlessly) boorish,bully jerks that don’t play well with others! why is it that americans in general want a monopoly?
    Sooo tiresome!!

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