Half Pints Pothole Porter

WINNIPEG, MB – Named for Winnipeg’s infamous reputation for having some of the worst potholes in the country, Half Pints Brewing is bringing back their spring seasonal Pothole Porter for another year:

This year’s Pothole is aged with toasted oak spirals, and has a lovely dark chocolate finish. It’s just right for soothing your nerves after the drive home where it’s entirely possible you tried to jerk the wheel like a madman while avoiding your rush hour neighbour’s door panels by a half an inch.

And, if by chance you’re one of those tail-gating, cell phone yapping, text sending morons, now is the time the rest of us get our sweet revenge because you can’t see the crater sized opening in the earth below your soon to be replaced front axle. Victory is sweet so we raise this glass of black darkness to you!

Half Pints will be celebrating the release of this year’s edition with a party at The Lo Pub (330 Kennedy, Winnipeg) this coming Saturday, March 6th featuring two kegs of Pothole Porter – one that has been aged for 2 years, the other from the new batch.

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