Sherbrooke Liquor Van Helsing’s All Natural Mouthwash

EDMONTON, ABSherbrooke Liquor, one of Canada’s best beer shops, has released the latest in a series of limited edition house brand beers, Van Helsing’s All Natural Mouthwash, which has been brewed for them by Alley Kat Brewing.

Here’s the description from the Sherbrooke website:

From the darkest reaches of the Carpathian Mountains comes an elixir concocted by a man who stared into the true face of evil and lived to tell about it. Van Helsings’ All Natural Mouthwash is the cure for what ails you. It helps to ward off things that go bump in the night, and goes great with pasta! Fortunately the kind and talented folks at the Alley Kat Brewing Company were able to reproduce this miracle liquid for us decent citizens of Edmonton. And yes, that’s a whole garlic clove sitting there in the bottle. So much for keeping secret ingredients a secret…

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