Media Coverage of Lakeport Closure Continues

HAMILTON, ON – While it’s been more than 2 weeks since Labatt Breweries announced plans to close down their Lakeport Brewing plant in Hamilton, media coverage has continued.

There’s been a flurry in the last couple of days in particular due to several parties – including Minhas Creek Brewing Company – approaching the city to express interest in taking over the facility, although Labatt is standing by their plan to remove all of the brewing equipment, rendering the plant useless to any competing brewing company.

Here are links to a few stories and articles that cover various aspects of the situation:

Calgary firm wants to buy Lakeport brewery (The Hamilton Spectator – April 12th)
Buyers lining up for Lakeport brewery (The Hamilton Spectator – April 13th)
Calgary siblings bid for Lakeport site (The Globe & Mail – April 13th)
Boxer beer in Hamilton? (The Toronto Sun – April 13th)
Labatt Lakeport move not competition violation: experts (The Hamilton Spectator – April 14th)
Suds battle starts to bubble (The Hamilton Spectator – April 14th)
The Labatt blues (The Hamilton Spectator – April 14th)

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