Labatt Shutters Lakeport Plant Early, Boycott Being Urged

HAMILTON, ON – The Hamilton Spectator reports that Labatt Breweries quietly shut down the Lakeport Brewing plant in Hamilton last Friday, April 16th, two weeks earlier than initially planned:

Labatt spokesman Jeff Ryan said in an e-mail it decided to shut the plant early because work on transferring Hamilton’s production volume to London was ahead of schedule. Spokeswoman Catherine Pringle said the firm “didn’t feel there was a reason” to make the sudden closure public unless it was contacted by the media because it had spoken to the union and “all parties involved.”

In response to the closure, as well as Labatt’s plans to strip the plant of all equipment that would allow another brewery to take over the location, a number of bar owners and beer drinkers in Hamilton are calling for a boycott of all Labatt products. In addition, provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath has vowed to continue lobbying the governing Liberals to intervene with Labatt on behalf of the now unemployed workers.

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