Upcoming Cask Ale Events In Toronto

TORONTO, ON – Cask ale fans in Toronto have two upcoming events to look forward to, one of them occurring at several venues over the course of a weekend, and the other at one venue spread over a couple of weekends.

The first is the 2nd annual Cask Ale Crawl, presented by cask ale advocacy group CASK! The Crawl takes place this weekend (May 7th to 9th), and will feature both favourite and exclusive cask ales from a number of local breweries being served at Granite Brewery, Volo, The Rhino, C’est What?, Mill St. Brewpub and Ceili Cottage. Passports will be available at each location, and those stamped at all six can be entered into a prize draw.

Following later in May and into June at Volo will be the 2010 edition of the Ontario Cask IPA Challenge. Structured in a bracket elimination, 16 cask IPAs and Double IPAs from breweries all across Ontario will compete in a first round tasting on Sunday, May 30th, followed by second and third rounds on the weekend of June 26th-27th.

There will also be a precursor event on Saturday, May 29th featuring bottles of eight Double IPAs from across the country, ranging from Phillips Amnesiac and Tree Hop Head Double IPA from BC, to Garrison Imperial IPA from Nova Scotia. The beers will be offered in a blind tasting flight of eight 3 oz samples for $20.

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