Big Rock Gopher Lager Now Available

CALGARY, AB – As first reported in April, Big Rock Brewery has added a new beer to their line-up: Gopher Lager.

Officially launched last weekend at the Calgary International Beer Fest, it is described by the brewery as follows:

You’ll find Gopher to have a bit more character than the average lager found on the prairies. We made it with Alberta two-row barley, choice imported saaz hops and special lager yeast. Just like all our other beers, it contains no preservatives, additives, or adjuncts. The result is a clean, crisp flavour with a nice hoppy flavour and aroma but with no bitter aftertaste.

Big Rock Gopher Lager is available now at bars and restaurants throughout Alberta, and will be on retail store shelves around June 14th.

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