Half Pints Black IPA

WINNIPEG, MB – In a recent blog post, owner/brewmaster Dave Rudge of Half Pints Brewing mentions that their next limited edition beer, Half Pints Black IPA, will be released on June 19th.

120 cases of 24 bottles will be produced, and they will be put on sale at the brewery at 9 AM, with a limit of one case per person.

Rudge also notes that the base beer for the Black IPA is their Little Scapper IPA, but with “a boatload of finishing hops in the brew and as such is much more aromatic and oily than the regular Scrapper.”

Dave Rudge

2 thoughts on “Half Pints Black IPA

  1. Oh no.. a Canadian brewery doing a release at brewery door instead of releasing it across the country. Is that going to be ‘Black Scrapper Day’?

    Send these bottle to the bars and select bottle stores across the country that sell your products to people who don’t live in Winnipeg. Or is that too obvious?

  2. Bierfesten,
    Maybe you missed the memo, but we’re a small brewery and as such don’t really send out every beer we do across the country. We’ve been doing these types of releases since we opened in 2006, so this format is nothing new.

    Try to be a little appreciative that you can get our regulars and some of our more popular seasonals in BC through Beerthirst. That’s more than some more northerly areas of Manitoba can say!

    If you want the beer that badly, trade for it with some of the Winnipeg craft beer guys on Beeradvocate or Ratebeer. God knows we don’t see any BC craft beers here in Manitoba – they’d probably be happy to send you some Half Pints love.

    This is the part where I was gonna post up something snarky, but I think you get it now, right? How do you think we feel everytime Phillips, Tree, Driftwood, etc etc put out a beer we’ll never taste?

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