Amsterdam Oranje Weisse

TORONTO, ON – After a successful run last year, Amsterdam Brewing has brought back Oranje Weisse as their seasonal beer for summer 2010.

Despite the name suggesting it to be a German-style weissbier, Oranje Weisse is actually closer to the Belgian-style witbier, as it is an unfiltered wheat beer brewed using coriander and two types of orange peel.

According to Amsterdam brewmaster Jamie Minstry, “This year we modified the recipe a little bit by increasing the unmalted wheat content to aid with the natural haze and slightly increased the sweet and bitter orange peel to achieve our goal of heightening the citrus notes in the beer.”

Amsterdam Oranje Weisse is available now on tap at select bars and restaurants around Toronto, and in a limited run of 120 cases of 500 ml bottles available only at the brewery retail store.

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