Propeller Kristall Weizen Now Available

HALIFAX, NSPropeller Brewing has just released a new summer seasonal, Propeller Kristall Weizen:

This summer seasonal is a filtered Weissbier. Don Harms (brewmaster at Propeller) explains “The banana and phenolic (clove) characteristics are more subtle in this filtered version, than in its unfiltered counterpart Propeller Hefeweizen.” The style is common in Europe, many producers include both Hefe (unfiltered) and Kristall (filtered) Weizens in their repertoires.

Kristall Weizen is available now in 500 ml bottles at the brewery, and will be on shelves at 28 NSLC locations in coming days.

One thought on “Propeller Kristall Weizen Now Available

  1. I’ll try it, but for once I don’t have high expectations for a new Propeller offering. I’ve never liked any of the beers I’ve had in this style. I’d much rather have their Pilsner back in my NSLC.

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