Cheshire Valley Brewing Officially Launches With ESB

TORONTO, ON – After a year or so of creating small one-off brews for various beer events around Toronto and area, brewmaster Paul Dickey officially launched Cheshire Valley Brewing this past week with the release of the first commercial batch of Cheshire Valley ESB. In a press release, Dickey describes the beer as follows:

4.8% abv with medium-high bitterness supported by toasted malt flavours. The hop flavour is moderate but balanced by a caramel malt sweetness. This beer is excellent by itself, however it also goes well with cheese, BBQ and curry.

Dickey describes Cheshire Valley as a “virtual brewery”, as he is brewing his beers at Black Oak Brewery in Etobicoke, but he is using his own fermenter and is overseeing all aspects of the production.

He plans to have all Cheshire Valley beers to be served unfiltered in order to “deliver all the flavour intended for each product”, and intends to release a new beer every two months, including a Mild in November, a Robust Porter in January, a Dry Stout in March and an IPA in May.

Cheshire Valley ESB is available now/soon at several locations in Toronto (C’est What,  beerbistro,  Bar Volo,  The Rhino,  Harbord House,  The Burger Bar & Bryden’s), and also at The Stinking Rose in Campbellford,  Chancey Smith’s in London, and the Woolwich Arms in Guelph.

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