Beau’s Reveals Details For Oktoberfest Beers

VANKLEEK HILL, ON – As part of their Oktoberfest celebration taking place at the Vankleek Hill Fairgrounds on October 2nd and 3rd, Beau’s All Natural Brewing will be offering three new beers in their limited edition Wild Oats Series, and will also be bringing back a popular seasonal from last year’s event.

Here are the details released by the brewery earlier this week:

Opa’s Gose: An ancient German style of beer that predates the German Purity Act of 1516, this is a wheat beer brewed with coriander and sea salt. This special Wild Oats selection was brewed by Master Brewer, Matt O’Hara. Expect to find a crisp, tart and refreshing wheat beer an interesting saltiness and clove and coriander highlights.

Late Night Sneaky Dunkel: Dark as night and at 6.3% alc/vol this beer will sneak up on you! A Bavarian style originating from the 16th century, but with roots dating back to 800BC, this is a dark wheat beer and in keeping with the modern Purity Law. This special Wild Oats selection was brewed by brewer Kevin James. Malt forward and lightly hopped with some yummy roastiness; aromas of banana and clove.

Happy Pils: A bohemian pilsner, brewed with 25% local grains and wet hopped with local hops too! Crisp, refreshing and light, but with a malty backbone and a light, peppery spice from the local hops, this special Wild Oats selection was brewed by brewer Chris Maxfield. The bohemian pilsner is a staple of the German diet and we’re happy to include it for you.

NightMarzen: Last year this beer sold out by about 2pm. This year we’ve brewed four times more. A traditional Oktoberfest Marzen, and the only true lager we brew (our LugTread is an ale that we age like a lager).

2 thoughts on “Beau’s Reveals Details For Oktoberfest Beers

  1. They might want to revise the copy for the NightMarzen, especially that bit about it being “the only true lager” they brew, in consideration of the beer noted immediately above it. Or are we to take it that’s a “pilsnered ale”?

  2. Steve – I suspect that they mean the only true lager they brew that isn’t a one-off.

    But yes, poor copy editing.

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