Roughneck Brewing Launches Brewmaster’s Choice Line

CALMAR, AB Edmonton Journal beer writer Mark Suits reports on his On Tap blog that Roughneck Brewing has released three new beers, although not a lot of information is provided:

Jim Pettinger of Sherbrooke Liquor says he’s got three new offerings: Brewer’s Choice, an IPA and a brown. Jim also says Roughneck has switched from cans to bottles.

Roughneck was previously known for two fairly mainstream brands, Drillers Ale and Pipeline Lager.

UPDATE: Jason Foster of has clarified that Roughneck hasn’t launched three new beers, but only two – Brewer’s Choice Brown Ale and Brewer’s Choice IPA. Foster speculates on his blog that the Brewer’s Choice brand may be intended to represent Roughneck’s “entry into the more craft-oriented segment of the market.”

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  1. Just a clarification. Roughneck is releasing TWO new beer – under a new brand called Brewmaster’s Choice. One is a brown ale and the other is an IPA.

    I did a post on it on my site today.

    I haven’t tried the beer yet but the comments from the brewery suggest the beer will try to match style profiles.


  2. Thanks, Jason. I’ve retitled the post and added an update accordingly.