Roughneck Brewing Launches Brewmaster’s Choice Line

CALMAR, AB Edmonton Journal beer writer Mark Suits reports on his On Tap blog that Roughneck Brewing has released three new beers, although not a lot of information is provided:

Jim Pettinger of Sherbrooke Liquor says he’s got three new offerings: Brewer’s Choice, an IPA and a brown. Jim also says Roughneck has switched from cans to bottles.

Roughneck was previously known for two fairly mainstream brands, Drillers Ale and Pipeline Lager.

UPDATE: Jason Foster of has clarified that Roughneck hasn’t launched three new beers, but only two – Brewer’s Choice Brown Ale and Brewer’s Choice IPA. Foster speculates on his blog that the Brewer’s Choice brand may be intended to represent Roughneck’s “entry into the more craft-oriented segment of the market.”

2 thoughts on “Roughneck Brewing Launches Brewmaster’s Choice Line

  1. Just a clarification. Roughneck is releasing TWO new beer – under a new brand called Brewmaster’s Choice. One is a brown ale and the other is an IPA.

    I did a post on it on my site today.

    I haven’t tried the beer yet but the comments from the brewery suggest the beer will try to match style profiles.


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