Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale

HALIFAX, NSAlexander Keith’s, a division of Labatt Breweries, has announced the release of their first seasonal beer in several years, Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale:

We brewed a few small batches of Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale, using the choicest ingredients – a combination of North American roasted malt, chocolate malt and Canadian barley malt – as well as two different types of hops: choice bittering hops, which create the robust bittering flavour you have come to expect from Alexander Keith’s and Willamette hops, which generate a rich aroma.

The result is a full bodied, robust, aromatic beer with the ultimate balance between sweetness and bitterness – flavours that tantalize the senses. Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale has a nutty taste with hints of caramel and chocolate. It is rich in colour and in flavour, which makes Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale the perfect complement to the fall season.

Keith’s Harvest Ale will be available soon on draught in select locations across the country, as well as limited distribution in cans and bottles.

6 thoughts on “Alexander Keith’s Harvest Ale

  1. Looks like our multi-million dollar research departments are on the same page.

    Mr. Keith…I challenge you to a ‘Harvest Showdown’.

  2. Hmm, so it this the mystery brewmaster’s beer on the display set up in my local NSLC? I can’t say I’m too excited. Their last decent release was the Traditional Lager, and they retired that for their substandard White…and don’t even get me started on how bad their Dark is.

  3. Just tried a can for fun. Poor head retention (lasted maybe 30 seconds), yet over carbonated and biting on the tongue. It smells kind of like soda to me. For a darker beer, it has next to no flavour lending the taste similar to the smell – although . I guess the select North American hops were very select – I think just a handful perhaps! I’ve had a third of the glass and it’s going down the drain. Time for a Garrison IPA…

  4. I’ve actually been aware of the Harvest for a while. Personally I’ve always been a Keiths fan. I loved the Traditional Lager they had release, and am not at all favored towards their White. I’ve never been an avid White drinker. The Dark isn’t even mentionable, which is sad because I love a good Stout.

    The Harvest Ale, made akin to a proper Brown however is surprisingly crisp. The rich aroma is a bit of a throw off to the traditional bitter taste once it hit’s the tongue.

    Not a terrible release.

    However if you happen to have the privilege of being in Halifax, you have much better options available to you. If you are in the city area and are in need of a decent Brown ale, hope on down to Rogue’s Roost on Spring Garden to try their Brown!

  5. As far as a macro-brew goes, the Keith Harvest is probably the best of the worst. That’s not saying a lot though. I couldn’t drink more than 1-2 in a sitting.

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