Molson Export Gets A Facelift

MONTREAL, QCMolson Coors Canada is refreshing the image of one of their iconic brands, Molson Export, in an attempt to “have the brand reconnect with its roots and assert its authenticity.”

“Molson Export has been brewed for over a hundred years in honour of John Molson who founded the brewery based on values of passion, perseverance and sustained effort. We seek to more appropriately reflect the long history and tradition which contribute generously to brand depth,” explained Gayle Padvaiskas, Director of Marketing, Molson Brands.

The central ship element of the logo has therefore been redesigned to more fittingly portray the heritage of the brewery’s founder. This ship further symbolizes John Molson’s quest to source the best ingredients and brew exceptional beers. To emphasize the brand’s steeped-in-history image, the visual has evolved in favour of a richer, crisper look. A parchment cream colour has been added to the legendary red and blue to bring to the fore the refreshing aspect of Molson Export.

Officially unveiled at an event in Montreal last week, the new branding will appear on packages of Export available in stores starting October 18th, and a new advertising campaign will be launched at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Molson Export Gets A Facelift

  1. Nice look for the label, I’ll give them that. I’ve actually never had their export ale however. It’s a bit hard to find in my part of NS.

  2. I like the new/old design and today I got the promotional bottle opener keychain:)

    But what about the elephant?
    Now you cant see the elephant in the boat when you turn it sideways.

  3. I have had a chance to view the new label you just launched and we Export drinkers in my area all agree it makes the beer look like a no-name brand you could purchase from a brew-it-yourself store.We all here would like to see the old label returned until your Art team can come up with a better idea. Until then I will be switching to some other brand as well others are thinking the same. Export makes us feel like we are buying the cheapest looking beer on the market.After soooo many years of enjoyment and bragging about whose label and brew is the best. I am sorry to see you go. Bye for now Old Friend.

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