Labatt Shifting Production of Keith’s From Halifax, Laying Off Staff

HALIFAX, NS Labatt Breweries announced this morning that production of some Alexander Keith’s brands will be shifting from the Oland Brewery in Halifax to facilities in other provinces, leading to layoffs for up to 39 staff members

According to reports from CBC News and the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, much of the production of Keith’s IPA, Keith’s Premium White, and Keith’s Red Amber Ale will be moving to Labatt-owned plants in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland in order to have the beer brewed closer to where it is being sold. Keith’s Light and Keith’s Dark Ale will continue to be brewed exclusively at the Oland plant in Halifax.

Labatt spokesperson Wade Keller told the CBC that layoffs will include 17 temporary jobs being phased out in the next few months, and that the company hoped to limit layoffs of permanent staff to 10 people. However, union president Larry Deal stated that staff at the Oland plant were told that as many as 22 permanent staff may be affected.

The Chronicle-Herald is also reporting that protests against the move have already started on Twitter and Facebook, with angry Keith’s drinkers indicating that they will be boycotting the brand due to Labatt’s decision.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Keith’s will be brewed outside of Nova Scotia, as production of Keith’s IPA for the Western market was shifted to the Labatt-owned¬†Columbia Brewery in Creston, BC in 2009. However, this will be the first time that the majority of Keith’s brands will be brewed outside of the province.

6 thoughts on “Labatt Shifting Production of Keith’s From Halifax, Laying Off Staff

  1. so typical of huge foreign owned conglomerates direction comes from offshore and they dont give a damn about CANADIAN work culture and the bottom line is everything its too bad CANADIAN consumer didnt give a damn and truly boycott these companies.

  2. Sorry Labatts, I guess I am part to blame. I haven’t purchased any product made by Labatts for years. You see, I am sick of yellow, bland lagers. I like malt and hops. You just don’t get it. We want flavour…

  3. If they are going to brew Keiths in BC why not brew Kokanee in Halifax then there is no change in production amounts and nobody gets layed off?

  4. Part of the pleasure enjoyed by living in NS, is the knowledge that a great beer has been brewed for, and consumed by Nova Scotians’s.. for generations, by Kieths.

    Labbatts has destroyed a great tradition. And, ruined a great beer.
    I travel extensively within areas of Canada, and always consider part of the homecoming tradition to be a cold Kieths, enjoyed while sitting on the deck, viewing the Atlantic Ocean.

    Henceforth, I will never knowing purchase, or consume Labbatts product

  5. If they are going to brew Keith “IPA” in BC and Kokanee in Halifax, they could just ship both labels to both places, since the two alleged beers are virtually identical…yellow fuzzy moose-piss.

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