Cannery Launches No Jail Pale Ale

PENTICTON, BC – Yesterday was the official launch date for No Jail Pale Ale, a new low-alcohol (3.05% abv) beer from Cannery Brewing.

The release event took place at Kettle Valley Station Pub in Penticton, where manager Martin Lewis had asked Cannery if they could create a low-alcohol but still flavourful beer for patrons who are concerned about the lower breathalyzer limits recently implemented in British Columbia.

According to Cannery co-owner Patt Dyck, “we knew that it would be a challenge to get the flavour, colour and body that we were looking for in such a low alcohol profile. We went to work and developed a unique new recipe using special brewing techniques to produce an ale that meets our standards yet offers a lower alcohol content. No Jail Pale Ale can take its place in our line up of premium beers with a full-flavoured taste and complexity that people have come to expect from Cannery Brewing beers.”

No Jail Pale Ale is currently a draught-only product, available at select bars and restaurants in BC.

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