Cariboo Cream Ale Coming Next Month

PRINCE GEORGE, BC Cariboo Brewing – a subsidiary of Pacific Western Brewing – have announced the upcoming addition of Cariboo Cream Ale to their line-up.

Cariboo Cream Ale is brewed with an authentic ale yeast that we have specially selected to give our beer a distinct creamy note. The beer is darker than a typical cream ale because we use specialty roasted malts that add more flavor as well. It is 5.5%, and you can enjoy it all year round with spicy Asian foods or pork dishes.

Cariboo Cream Ale will be available in 355 ml cans, and will be released to stores in January.

One thought on “Cariboo Cream Ale Coming Next Month

  1. I found Cariboo Cream Ale once in a liquor store store outlet when traveling throughout BC, but unfortunately I can’t find it again! Is it really out there? Where in White Rock BC can I get this delightful beer?

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