Beer Vat Convoy Hits The Road

TORONTO, ON – After months of planning, six massive beer vats began their journey this evening from the Port of Hamilton to the Molson-Coors plant near Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

The vats, each of which is 45 metres long and 8 metres high, having a combined volume of roughly two million litres, were shipped to Canada from Germany. They will be slowly transported from 9 PM to 6 AM for the next four nights, following a winding route that will involve many closed roads and numerous service wires being moved or temporarily cut to accommodate the large cargo.

In addition to the trucks hauling the vats, the convoy will include 20 police cruisers and a number of service vehicles, totalling 40 vehicles stretching for more than a kilometre in length.

Many media outlets including the Toronto Star and the CBC have reported on the project – believed to be the largest of its kind in Canadian history – and Challenger Motor Freight, the company responsible for the move, are tracking the progress of the move via their Twitter feed, @ChallengerMF.

[photo: Canadian Press]

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  1. Beer is not meant to be made at these volumes! Drink good local small batch beer, not yellow fizz.

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