Lighthouse Deckhand Belgian Saison Coming Next Week

VICTORIA, BCBeer in BC blog reports that the next in Lighthouse Brewing‘s “Small Brewery – Big Flavour” series of limited edition beers, Deckhand Belgian Saison, is due out next week.

According to the product info sheet…

Deckhand Saison is a rich, golden, Belgian farmhouse style beer. Pilsner and Vienna malts added with flaked wheat gives this beer a soft malt character while the unique attributes of a true Belgian yeast strain add spicy, peppery and fruity flavours. The acidic sourness and dry finish complement the noble hop character of Styrian Goldings hops. True to this artesian style of beer we present it unfiltered so that you can taste the full flavour of this complex and very satisfying brew. A stemmed tulip glass with enhance the aroma and support the large foamy head.

Deckhand Belgian Saison will be available starting Monday January 17th in select BC liquor stores, retailing for $5.99 per 650 ml bottle.

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