Explores the History of Canada’s Brewing Dynasties

TORONTO, ON – In recognition of this year’s 225th anniversary of Molson Breweries, family history resource site has launched a microsite featuring some key dates and historic records from the Molson family tree, as well as similar information covering the family behind Labatt Breweries, Molson’s main competitor.

The milestones illustrated with historical documents on the site include: the death of Harry Markland Molson, great-grandson of founder John Molson, on the Titanic; the mysterious poisoning death of Sophia Labatt, wife of John Labatt Jr.; the World War I death of Percival Talbot Molson, another of John Molson’s great-grandsons; and the 1934 kidnapping of John S. Labatt, grandson of the brewery founder.

Founded in 1786, Molson is the oldest brewing company in North America, and the second oldest company of any type in Canada. Further celebrations of this year’s anniversary are expected to take place throughout 2011.

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